Root canal (endontic) treatment is necessary if the pulp and tissue inside the root
canal of your tooth becomes infected with bacteria.

The goal of root canal therapy is to remove the infected tissue from inside the tooth canals and stabilize the tooth.  Our chances of being able to do that are much better if you come in early, so don’t be afraid, let’s tackle this together.

What can I expect?

First of all, you can feel assured that your comfort is our priority. The area around your tooth will first be numbed with a gel before we administer anesthesia. A rubber sheet will be used to isolate the tooth to prevent it from being contaminated with saliva. We will then gently uncover the root canals, clean out the infected tissue, and flush the canals with disinfectant solution. Once the root canals are clean, we use a filling inside the canals to stabilize the tooth. Finally, the tooth will be filled with a temporary filling.

A week or two later, after the tooth has had time to heal, we can fit you with a crown or a permanent filling to protect and strengthen your tooth.

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